About Rhonda

Someone once asked me why I enjoyed singing.  That's a little like asking why a fish enjoys swimming.  I am a singer. Always have been.  Oh there were times when no one else heard me singing, but that doesn't mean I wasn't. Those times taught me something very important.  I learned that for me to silence the song in me was to die a little bit every day.  If you are a singer, you must sing.  That's true for an artist or a dancer or an actor or a writer or whatever it is that springs from deep inside your being.  Singing is as much a part of me as the color of my eyes.

I believe a big reason I was sent to earth was to use the voice God placed in me to bring beauty and rest to other people who cross paths with me. That's what I believe because God clearly protected me and my voice.  He protected me from the abortionist that my mother's doctor wanted and He protected me from the side effects of the TB drugs she was taking while expecting me.  There are many other ways that He has moved in my defense that would require too much space here.

The first time I stood in front of a large group and sang, microphone in hand, I was three. In an effort to improve my skills, I earned a degree in music from Indiana University where I worked with some amazingly talented musicians who were more than happy to share their knowledge with me.  I was honored to sing solos with The Singing Hoosiers and to tour with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra as a soloist. I have also worked with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic and the Northern Indiana Opera Association as a soloist.  I even had a daily radio show for a couple of years.

Four children occupied my time for many years, driving them to school, soccer, baseball, basketball, ballet & swim lessons, and doing my best to equip them to succeed on their own.  They now are doing the same for their own children. What a joy to witness your own children being a parent!

All has not been sweetness and light, though. While I did raise 4 children, 2 other children did not grow up here on earth.  I am trusting Jesus with their care.  Cancer also reared it's ugly head nearly 12 years ago.  I underwent over a year & a half of treatment that changed my reality forever.  I am one of the lucky ones,  This particular type of cancer claims 85% of those it touches. I thank God for once again protecting me and I am dedicated to doing what He wants me to do. There have been other trials that I am not at liberty to share here.

Following the cancer, I saw that life was very short and there are no guarantees that tomorrow will ever come, so I began recording the music that was in me.  It needed to be expressed - even if no one but me ever heard it.  I did not want to die with the music still in me.  So....5 albums later, here we are. I'd really love to share it with you. 

I have added speaking to my music and have enjoyed traveling with a national women's ministry to speak and sing wherever I am asked.  I'm available to give concerts or programs or even a song or two for whatever you would like.